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Newborn Photography Safety

Did you know there is no license or training requirements to be a newborn photographer? That means anyone can pick up a camera and begin posing and photographing your baby.
Scary, right?
Believe it or not there are many poses that are not safe for your little one unless you have learned how to safely put them into that pose. There are MANY ways to educate yourself on how to properly & safely pose a newborn and how NOT to pose a newborn.
Behind the scenes I work a lot of magic during and after the shoot, primarily with a little trick referred to as composite imagery. In short, I combine multiple photos into one—in post processing—in order to create the finished result. Sometimes it’s a matter of capturing a better expression in one image and then combining it with another photo where the positioning is better. In other cases, we’re combining a backdrop scene with the image of your baby. This is done both for aesthetic effect, and also to ensure your child’s safety. For example, sometimes it looks like a newborn is supporting their head on their hands or nestled in a swing. These would be dangerous poses to actually attempt, so I rely on composite.
Speaking of newborn safety, it’s my ABSOLUTE number one priority in any newborn photo session and I won’t do anything the parent or myself is not comfortable with. I have trained in person with world renowned newborn photographer Jade Gao. Mentored with Jessica G. Photography and spent countless ours and dollars on newborn photography education.
On that note, when hiring a newborn photographer, it’s imperative that your preferred
photographer is trained not just in how to wield a camera, but in how to ensure baby is kept happy, comfortable, and safe throughout the session. The means posing babies in a way that’s safe and comfortable while also beautiful, and utilizing post-processing techniques—such as composite imagery, eliminating jaundice, and even smoothing out things like scratches and blotchy skin that are very common with newborns. The bottom line is that there are things that a seasoned newborn photographer
will know how to do well that novice shooters simply don’t know about. You’ll often find that newborn images are more expensive than other types, but that cost is a reflection of this key knowledge and attention to detail. If you ask me, it’s worth hiring a seasoned pro for newborn photography 100% of the time. -Amanda
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You are amazing at your job !!!!


Jill Smith
Jill Smith
Mar 20, 2023

100% agree!

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