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When to Schedule Newborn Photos

When should I book my newborn photography session?
This is probably the one question I get asked the most. Clients are unsure when to book a newborn photography session. It is always best to book your session while in your second trimester or very early in your third. In your second trimester you've made it over that hump of elevated risks and can really start the process of planning your little ones' arrival. While it's okay to wait until later to book, you run the risk of the photographer being completely booked and unable to accommodate you. The other key thing to remember is the age your little one needs to be at the time of the newborn session. That leads me to my next most frequently asked question. How old should my baby be at the time of their newborn session?

You will find that every photographer has a "preferred age" for newborn sessions. In my experience photographing newborns, after many trials and errors I have found the "sweet spot" to be babies who are 7-10 days old. Although I understand you may not be feeling well or getting much sleep at this point. It is the best age range to guarantee a successful session for you & your new bundle. I find babies 7-10 days old are more sleepy. The sleepier they are the more likely they are to cooperate while being posed. Also, babies who are in the age range still want to be curled into that snugball they were in, in mama's womb. This also makes posing much easier. How do I know which date to choose when I am unsure when exacly my baby will be born?
Unless you have a planned C-section, you will not be able to predict the exact date of your baby's birth. For this reason I will use your due date as the tentative date for your session. Once you are home from the hospital and settled you will just send me a message letting me know your little one has arrived. (Keeping in mind the 7-10 day rule). I will then arrange my schedule to get you in, within that 7-10 day post delivery time frame. This short window and your little ones unexpected arrival is one of the main reasons why photographers are limited to how many newborn sessions they can take in a month. This is why it's so important to book during the second trimester. I am always happy to answer any other questions you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at


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