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Allow me to re-introduce myself..


For those who don't already know me my name is Amanda and im the unofficial baby whisperer of the Sullivan County Catskills in New York. As a mother myself, and someone who's so passionate about photography. I've dedicated my life to perfecting the art of newborn and baby photography. I love capturing tiny toes, button noses and sweet smiles.

As I mentioned I am a mom: I have two children of my own. Braeden who's almost 8 years old (the time sure does fly) and Emery, who turned 4 just a few months ago.. Both keep me busy and I absolutely love being their mom.. Plus, they make great models for practice! lol In addition to being a mother to two VERY busy, but lovable, kiddos, I've also got a

wonderful husband who I will be married to for 10 years in September. I couldn't do all this without him, that's for sure. Together, we are navigating parenthood which has its ups and downs but having each other to lean on during the ride makes it that much easier.. Some things we enjoy doing together as a family is watching movies, hitting local waterparks and spending time out on the lake in our boat.

Whether you're a brand new mommy, someone who's been in the game for a few years (like me) or you have yet to give birth to your precious bun, one fact remains true: photographs of your children are so important. Not just because they grow and change so fast, but because they last forever and because your loved ones want to stay in the know!

I capture it all, too. Maternity photos, milestone photography, 1st birthday cake smashes

and beyond. All those moments and details? They're absolutely worth preserving. I'll fill you in on the details of what I offer in the pages to come. But for now, just an introductory post.



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1 Comment

Jill Smith
Jill Smith
Mar 12, 2023

Sullivan County is so lucky to have you!

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