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Welcome to The Studio.....

Located at 4889 NY-52 in the town of Jeffersonville, Ny. 


Kick Back, Relax, We Will Take Care Of The Rest.

In our photography studio we understand the importance of parent comfort. We know, as moms ourselves that a good nights sleep hasn't happened in a while and that nursing moms need a cozy spot to nurse their newborn. so, That means comfortable furniture, light refreshments and some extra supplies for your little one. All of which will be available to you during your session.


Cleanliness Is Our Priority

In our studio all materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed after each use.. We have a changing table in the studio that you can use to change your baby's diaper and outfits. I take hygiene, baby safety, and overall care of your newborn very seriously.  Everyone in the studio who works with me makes every effort to keep your baby's safety in mind. 



The studio is a shared space between Jill C. Smith Photography and myself. And believe it or not our studio set up changes almost daily. We switch from a natural light studio, to an artificial light studio based on the need. You may find our studio set up for a cake smash one day and set up like a Boho style bedroom the next.. We love how versatile it is and how we have it designed to fit both of our styles of photography.

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